IELA and related reports, articles and documents

Valuation of Ecosystems_ IELA_Habitat_Case studies from different States

Adivasi_Bharat_Mahasabha_(UF)_Meeting_ 14-15Sept2022_PPT



IELA Report Maharashtra



Status of Bio-Resources of Rajasthan – Some facts IELA with HRLN_24th_25th_July_2021_Udaipur

Advisory Meeting of XINRM_VL

Violation of Forest Rights Act in Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, India

RTI Campaign by Tradiditional Forest Dependent Communities in Rawatbhata (Chittorgarh, India)

CFR Status and Strategy Report Rajasthan 2015

CFR Status n Strategy Report_Hindi_Final

Goa CFR report 2016

Facilitating Development of Federations for Local Self Governance in Three States of India – Case study of Forestry

Mudiali Fishing Cooperative Society – Implications for waste water management and livelihoods

Sewerage & Drainage – Case study of Kolkatta

Drinking Water – Case Study of Kolkatta

Rural perspective on Sustainable Development Goals – Case study of Chhota Udepur

Presentation at Round Table on Financialisation and False Solutions Viren Lobo

A Theoretical framework for marginal agriculture

Article_Draft Forest Policy_Viren Lobo

Article_Draft Forest Policy_Viren Lobo_HINDI

Ugly case of Forest Rights in Rajasthan_2018

Ugly case of FR in Rajasthan_2018 _Hindi

Corporates at centre stage in forest management

Corporates at Center Stage in Forest Management_Hindi

Jaisamand ILEC Jaipur

Workshop on Commons Udaipur-Sunil Dubey Presentation

Press Note on Conocarpus

Policy Briefs

 AIFFRS Policy Brief 1 – Overview of status of FRA and Way forward

AIFFRS Policy Brief 2 – Perspective on Mangrove Forests_Rights of Fishers and other Forest Dwellers

AIFFRS Policy Brief 3 – Perspective on Pastoralism _ Case study of Himalyan Region

AIFFRS Policy Brief 4 – Protected Areas and Sanctuaries

AIFFRS Policy Brief 5 – Perspective on Forest Dependent Communities_Case study of communities issues strictly not coming under FRA

 Partner reports and related documents

Habitat Ecological Trust

Relevance of Wild Edible Plants and Associated Indigenous Knowledge: Implications for Food Security

 Understanding Himalaya Trans-boundary Issues and Ecological Democracy


Relevance of Aravalis as a barrier – case study of Ajmer

Environment Education Programme at Bhekra

Biodiversity and Ecological Concerns the Aravalis of Gujarat

Ecological niches of Bhekra

Ecology & livelihoods of Jaisamand Catchment area

Land Grab_Issues and concerns – Gujarat – Case study Surat

Participatory Action Research for Ecologically Sound development in a Tribal Region of Gujarat – Case Study of Chhota Udepur Part 1

Participatory Action Research for ecologically sound development in a tribal region of Gujarat – Case study of Chhota Udepur Part 2

Pledge for preservation and conservation of the Biodiversity of Fenaimata Revakhand region by the people residing there

Climate Change _19_Jan_09


Atrij Ryan Centre for Holistic Living

Concept Note on Atrij Ryan Centre for Holistic Living

Habitat Report on Health, Nutrition and Overall Well Being programme taken up with AAJ

Food and Nutrition Security Presentation at Shillong

BMKS-IELA collaboration on Health Nutrition and Overall Wellbeing

Rashtriya Guni Mission

Rashtriya Guni Mission (RGM) – Organisational Profile

RGM Introduction (Hindi)

Adivasi Jan Utthan Trust

Pledge for preservation and conservation of the Biodiversity of Fenaimata Revakhand region by the people residing there

Report of UPR pocess in Chhota Udepur for COP 27 in Egypt

Gayatri Seva Sansthan 

Theory of Change

GSS Situational Analysis of Child Labour – Study Findings

Society For Promotion of Waastelands Development/ Pryatana Samiti

 Workshop Report_Final_SPWD_IELA_PS

Summary & Way forward

Especioza Trust

A Tryst with Mother Nature and the Beast within

Think Globally Act Locally – The Family within, the world without

A Collage from real life blended with reel life – Collection of poems on family, friends and the world at large

These are a few of my favourite things – For Marie on her 77th birthday on 8th September 2021

A fine balancing Act in a Dog’s world

The Ides of March – The Day Before

Ecological Governance _ Revisting Laudato Si

A Call for restoration of broken societal threads as a precondition for ecological democracy

A discussion on pro choice as a precondition for pro life and ecology, livelhood and governance

Discussion on Women and Waste by Barbara Harris White

A discussion on two perspectives to the question of love being unpaid labour

Memories of Zanzibar – George Pereira

Yagna/ Forest Department

Green Warriors Invitation


ABM (UF) First Conference Report

Adivasi Bharat Mahasabha _Hindi Report

Commons Perspective



Mahanadi Coalfields Limited Subash Mohapatra

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch1 Khandesh

ABMKSS Study on Local Self governance Ch2 Maharashtra

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch3 Jharkhand

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch4 Chhatisgarh

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch5 Adivasi

ABMKSS Study on Local Self governance Ch6 Pastoralists

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch7 Fishers

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch 8 Farmers Set for a Long Haul

ABMKSS Study on Local Self Governance Ch9 Pushing to further Proletarization


RMKU Letter to Tribal Minister on FRA

Note on Unorganised sector labour

AIFFRS Statement on SC order

AIFFRS National meeting report 1st and 2nd March

Briefing note on Compensatory Afforestation

JMKU report of Violations from Palamau

Letter to MoTA for Violation of the Provisions of FRA in Alwar – Finally Endorsed

Report of the AIFFRS meeting on Contradictions between CAMPA and FRA

APT Two years report 2020

Submission to the Tribal Minister

Note for the Tribal Minister for discussion on 16th August

Action Research Agenda on collective spaces to empower women

Shifting Cultivation Transcript of the speech by Savyasaachi

PE in AgriDSatSNU

ABM (UF) brief document

ABM (UF) meeting on 27th March 2022

14th March meeting minutes_Hindi

Presentation to North East Indigenous People’s Forum