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A Tryst with Mother Nature and the Beast within

Think Globally Act Locally – The Family within, the world without

A Collage from real life blended with reel life – Collection of poems on family, friends and the world at large

A Call for restoration of broken societal threads as a precondition for ecological democracy

A discussion on two perspectives to the question of love being unpaid labour

A discussion on pro choice as a precondition for pro life and ecology, livelhood and governance

Memories of Zanzibar – George Pereira

Discussion on Women and Waste by Barbara Harris White

Adivasi Jan Utthan Trust (AAJ) and Habitat Ecological Trust (HABITAT)

Participatory Action Research for Ecologically Sound development in a Tribal Region of Gujarat – Case Study of Chhota Udepur Part 1

Participatory Action Research for ecologically sound development in a tribal region of Gujarat – Case study of Chhota Udepur Part 2

Pledge for preservation and conservation of the Biodiversity of Fenaimata Revakhand region by the people residing there

Forest Land Protected by Fenai Mata Revakhand Jaiv Shristi Mandal

YAGNA and Forest Department Udaipur

Green Warriors Invitation

Gayatri Seva Sansthan

Theory of Change


All India Forest Forum for Rights Struggles/ Akhil Bharatiya Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Samiti

AIFFRS Points for Minister

Note for the Tribal Minister for discussion on 16th August

Submission to the Tribal Minister

APT Two years report 2020

Report of the AIFFRS meeting on Contradictions between CAMPA and FRA

TKB AIFFRS submission

Letter to MoTA for Violation of the Provisions of FRA in Alwar – Finally Endorsed (5.10

JMKU report of Violations from Palamau


AIFFRS National meeting report 1st and 2nd March

AIFFRS Statement on SC order

Note on Unorganised sector labour

RMKU Letter to Tribal Minister on FRA





Climate Change/Ecology/Livelihoods

Module One Drinking Water

Module 2 Sewerage & Drainage

Annexure Kolkatta Study YSC

Drainage Basins f Kolkatta Metorpolitan Area